About Namaste, Solo Travel

Namaste, Visitor!

Thanks for dropping by! I am Arunima, an Indian traveller who loves exploring new places solo. 

The primary purpose of this blog is to provide helpful information, tips and advise for women who (want to) travel solo.
As an Indian woman, I have rarely come across blogs that I found relatable as a solo female traveller from India. So I thought, why not make one of my own and share my two cents? My aim here is to create a go-to blog for all adventurous Indian women out there who want to experience the sometimes bizarre but mostly awesome aspects that come with solo travels!

Does that mean this blog is only for Indian women travellers?
Nope. If you are a woman and enjoy travelling on your own, I am sure there is something on here that you will find interesting/helpful! In fact, there is an entire section (coming soon) on women travelling solo in India.

What if you are a dude (who may or may not be Indian)?
No worries! As long as you share my wanderlust for solo travelling, you are likely to stumble upon some sagacious advise from a fellow traveller of the fairer and *cough* wiser *cough* sex.

What if you aren’t a solo traveller?
While most (if not all) of the posts on here are written with solo travellers in mind, this does not mean that the topics are exclusive to the benefit of people travelling alone. Couples and group travellers, you are not forgotten!

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