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Namaste, Visitor!

Thanks for dropping by. I am Arunima. I am a 5’2 petite brown woman with a wanderlust 10 times her size and a bank balance inversely proportional to it. 

As an Indian woman, I have rarely come across blogs that I found relatable as a solo female traveller from India. So I thought, why not make one of my own and share my two cents? My experiences as a brown woman travelling from a conservative culture and a developing country largely varies from that of a white female (and male) traveller from the West. Your race, gender, nationality does shape your travelling experience. Travel stories by non-white, non-male, non-Western, non-First World country wanderers need to be told and heard as well.  And my blog is just one of those that is trying to shed some light on such travellers. 

All that heavy stuff aside, I would like to think that my blog is accessible to everyone. Moreover, even when it may not be relatable to some, I believe it offers you to learn something about travellers who are different from you.

The primary purpose of this blog is to provide helpful information, tips and advise for those who (want to) travel solo. While I write all blogposts keeping a solo POC woman traveller in mind because I am one, I also try to ensure that you (no matter what kind of traveller you are or what your gender/skin colour is) will find something useful and interesting here. If you don’t, let me know and I’ll change that!

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