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Middletown, Delaware, located in the heart of New Castle County, is a rapidly growing community that seamlessly blends historical charm with modern conveniences. This town, positioned strategically near major urban centers like Wilmington, DE, and Philadelphia, PA, serves as a bridge between the quaint allure of small-town living and the bustling activity of city life. The city’s proximity to these cities enhances its appeal as a place to live and visit, providing a lot of things to do in Middletown, DE

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Middletown, Delaware

As Middletown has evolved, it has maintained a delicate balance between preserving its rich historical heritage and embracing the growth that comes with being one of the fastest-developing areas in Delaware. The town features a picturesque downtown area that boasts original 19th-century architecture alongside contemporary shops and eateries, offering a unique experience that attracts both residents and tourists.

For those wondering what to do in Middletown, DE, the options are plentiful and cater to a wide range of interests. The town itself hosts various local events throughout the year, including seasonal festivals and community gatherings that showcase its vibrant local culture. For outdoor enthusiasts, the surrounding area offers numerous parks and trails. Silver Lake Park is a notable example, providing opportunities for fishing, boating, and picnicking in a scenic lakeside setting.

Exploring the local cuisine is a must-do in Middletown. The town’s culinary scene has seen significant growth, with a variety of restaurants serving everything from gourmet meals to traditional American comfort food. This culinary diversity reflects the town’s evolving demographic and the increasing influence of both new residents and visitors.

These activities provide a deeper understanding of Middletown’s development from a predominantly agricultural community to a thriving modern town.

On weekends, the pace in Middletown picks up with the local farmer’s market, where residents and visitors can purchase fresh, locally sourced produce and handmade goods. This market not only supports local farmers and artisans but also serves as a social hub where people gather to enjoy the community’s friendly atmosphere.

For more adventurous activities near Middletown, DE, Lums Pond State Park is just a short drive away. This park is the largest freshwater pond in the state and offers a wide array of recreational activities, including hiking, horseback riding, and zip-lining across the pond. It’s a perfect destination for families looking to enjoy a day in nature or for individuals seeking a quiet escape from the urban environment.

Cultural enthusiasts will find the Everett Theatre a charming venue to enjoy local theater productions, concerts, and films. This historic theater, which has been a part of Middletown since the early 20th century, remains a cornerstone of the town’s cultural landscape, providing entertainment that appeals to all age groups.

As Middletown continues to grow and develop, it remains a jewel in Delaware, offering a blend of old-world charm and modern amenities that make it a desirable destination for both residents and visitors. Whether it’s exploring local history, enjoying the outdoors, or experiencing the local dining and cultural scene, Middletown offers a rich and varied palette of activities that enhance its small-town appeal while embracing the vibrancy of contemporary life.

1. Dutch Country Farmers Market

Located in the heart of Middletown, Delaware, the Dutch Country Farmers Market stands as a vibrant celebration of local craftsmanship and agricultural bounty. This market is a focal point for both residents and visitors, offering a slice of Amish culture through its array of vendors who bring the freshest local produce and handcrafted goods each week.

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The Dutch Country Farmers Market

The market is renowned for its wide selection of goods, ranging from Amish baked goods, known for their authenticity and flavor, to handmade furniture that embodies the simplicity and durability of Amish craftsmanship. The variety extends beyond these to include fresh meats, cheeses, and an assortment of other homemade food items that attract food enthusiasts from all around.

A visit to the Dutch Country Farmers Market is a multisensory experience. The scent of freshly baked pies and bread mingles with the rich aromas of barbecued meats, drawing visitors to the food court where they can enjoy an array of Amish recipes cooked on-site. The food court serves as a lively gathering place where visitors can take a break from shopping and enjoy hearty, homemade meals.

Fridays and Saturdays are particularly bustling, with all stalls open and the market in full swing. These days provide the full experience, from live cooking demonstrations to the special sales that many vendors offer.

Among the must-try food items, the freshly made doughnuts are a standout. Light, fluffy, and coated with a hint of sugar, they are perfect for breakfast or a snack as you stroll through the market. Additionally, the homemade sausages, available in various flavors, offer a taste of local farm-to-table cooking that is hard to find elsewhere.

The historic Everett Theatre, where screenings, plays, and musicals are held, adds a cultural flavor to the town. Nature enthusiasts can explore Silver Lake Park, a serene destination perfect for picnics and leisurely walks.

Moreover, this weekend in Middletown, visitors can enjoy seasonal events that often coincide with local traditions and holidays, adding to the charm of the town. These activities provide a perfect blend of cultural and recreational opportunities, making Middletown a worthwhile destination for those looking to experience the essence of a small, vibrant community.

2. Silver Lake Park

Located in the heart of Delaware, Silver Lake Park in Middletown offers a serene escape into nature with a variety of outdoor activities that cater to all ages and interests. Silver Lake Park is best known for its expansive and beautiful lake which serves as the centerpiece for a host of recreational activities. Fishing enthusiasts will find the lake stocked with a variety of fish, making it a popular spot for both novice and experienced anglers. The park offers fishing gear rentals, allowing visitors to conveniently participate without the need to bring their own equipment. Adjacent to the fishing areas, the boating facilities enhance the lake’s accessibility. Paddle boats can be rented at reasonable rates, providing a peaceful way to traverse the water and explore the lake’s natural beauty from a different vantage point.

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Silver Lake Park

These trails are perfect for a leisurely stroll or a brisk walk, catering to both casual walkers and more serious hikers looking to immerse themselves in the tranquil environment. The trails also offer excellent opportunities for bird watching and wildlife photography, adding to the allure for nature enthusiasts.

Picnicking is another popular activity at Silver Lake Park. With several designated picnic areas equipped with tables and grills, families and groups can enjoy a meal with a view of the lake. These spots are strategically located to provide not only convenience but also scenic views that enhance the dining experience. The lush green spaces around the lake are ideal for spreading a blanket and relaxing under the shade of mature trees, making it a perfect setting for a family outing or a romantic picnic.

The scenic beauty of Silver Lake Park is unmatched, with panoramic views of the lake available from various points around its perimeter. These spots are favorites for photographers and nature lovers alike, who come to capture the picturesque landscapes and the vibrant sunsets that paint the sky in hues of orange and pink. The serene environment, coupled with the natural beauty of the area, makes Silver Lake Park a sought-after location for peaceful contemplation and relaxation.

Middletown, Delaware, located conveniently near major cities like Wilmington and Newark, provides additional attractions and activities. The proximity of Silver Lake Park to downtown Middletown allows visitors to combine a day in nature with exploration of the local culture and amenities. Middletown is bustling with shops, restaurants, and cultural sites, making it easy to plan a full weekend of activities. From exploring local history at nearby museums to enjoying a live performance at a theater, Middletown caters to a wide range of interests and preferences.

As the weekend approaches, Middletown’s community calendar is often filled with events and activities that can enhance the visit to Silver Lake Park. Seasonal festivals, farmer’s markets, and local art shows are frequently held, providing visitors with a taste of local life and the opportunity to engage with the community.

3. Westown Movies

Westown Movies stands as a beacon of entertainment in Middletown, Delaware, offering a state-of-the-art cinema experience that attracts movie enthusiasts from all over the region. This modern multiplex is not just about watching films; it’s about immersing yourself in a cinematic journey with the latest releases from Hollywood and beyond. With its advanced screening technology, including high-definition digital projection and premium sound systems, Westown Movies ensures every seat is the best seat in the house.

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Westown Movies

One of the highlights of Westown Movies is its gourmet concessions stand, which goes beyond the traditional popcorn and soda. Moviegoers can enjoy an array of upscale snacks and meals, from artisanal pizzas and gourmet burgers to a selection of fine wines and craft beers. This enhances the viewing experience, making a night at the movies feel like a luxurious outing.

In addition to regular showings, Westown Movies offers special movie nights that cater to a variety of interests and demographics. These events include themed movie marathons, classics revisited, and screenings of independent films. This personalized experience is perfect for enjoying a favorite film with friends, family, or colleagues in a more intimate setting.

For residents and visitors in Middletown, DE, looking for things to do, Westown Movies provides an excellent option. However, the experience doesn’t have to end with the credits. The cinema is conveniently located near some of the best dining options in the area, allowing for a seamless transition from a movie night to a delightful dinner. Local restaurants offer a range of cuisines to fit any taste or budget, from cozy cafes serving comfort food to elegant dining establishments offering gourmet dishes.

This weekend, or any time, combining a visit to Westown Movies with a meal at one of Middletown’s fine eateries makes for a perfect outing. Middletown, DE, situated strategically in the heart of Delaware, is a hub of activity and culture. With its charming blend of history, modernity, and small-town warmth, Middletown offers more than just movie-going. The town boasts various attractions and activities, from historical sites and museums to parks and recreational facilities. Moreover, Middletown is known for its community events and seasonal festivals, which are great for families and individuals alike. Participating in these local events can provide insights into the community’s culture and spirit, making any visit to the area more memorable.

4. Frog Hollow Golf Club

Located in the scenic environment near Middletown, Delaware, Frog Hollow Golf Club stands out as a premier destination for golf enthusiasts and families alike. Renowned for its meticulously maintained 18-hole course, this club offers a blend of challenging play and picturesque beauty, making it a favored choice among both seasoned golfers and newcomers to the sport.

The essence of Frog Hollow Golf Club extends beyond its beautiful greens. It is widely appreciated for its warm and inviting atmosphere, which welcomes members and public visitors with equal enthusiasm. The club prides itself on fostering a community where everyone, from beginners to pros, can enjoy the game and improve their skills.

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Frog Hollow Golf Club

Membership at Frog Hollow Golf Club comes with numerous benefits that enhance the golfing experience. Members enjoy unlimited access to the course, often without the need for advanced tee time reservations. This flexibility allows for spontaneous visits whenever the mood strikes, a convenience that many golfers appreciate. Additionally, members receive discounts on cart fees, pro shop merchandise, and dining at the club’s on-site restaurant, which offers a range of delicious meals perfect for refueling after a round.

Led by experienced professionals, these sessions are tailored to all levels and ages, ensuring that everyone can find the guidance they need. Beginners can take advantage of group lessons that cover basic skills and etiquette, while more advanced players might opt for one-on-one coaching to fine-tune specific aspects of their game.

The club is also a hub for special events throughout the year, which adds to its community vibe. Tournaments offer a competitive edge, bringing together local and regional golfers in friendly competition. These events are often highlighted by themes and prizes, making each tournament a unique experience. Moreover, Frog Hollow Golf Club is dedicated to family inclusion, with special family golf days that encourage members to introduce the sport to their children. These events often include modified rules to make the game accessible and enjoyable for younger players, fostering a love for the game from an early age.

Visitors to Middletown, Delaware, looking for leisure activities will find Frog Hollow Golf Club an excellent choice. The club’s public access times provide a perfect opportunity for non-members to experience the course. These designated times allow the general public to book tee times and enjoy the club’s facilities, which is a great way to spend a day outside, especially on weekends.

In addition to golf, the area around Middletown offers a variety of other attractions and activities. From historical sites and museums to nature parks and trails, there is something for everyone. The proximity of Frog Hollow Golf Club to such a diverse range of activities makes it an ideal starting or ending point for a day exploring the charms of Middletown and its surroundings.

In conclusion, Frog Hollow Golf Club embodies the spirit of community and sport, making it a standout destination in Middletown, Delaware. As Middletown continues to attract visitors and residents alike, Frog Hollow Golf Club remains a pivotal part of the local leisure landscape, promising every visitor an engaging and enjoyable visit.

5. Middletown Historical Society

Located in the heart of Delaware, the Middletown Historical Society plays a pivotal role in preserving the rich tapestry of local history. This esteemed institution is not only a repository of Middletown’s past but also serves as a vibrant center for community engagement through its museum collections and array of public programs.

The Middletown Historical Society, through its museum, offers visitors a unique glimpse into the area’s past. The collections housed here are comprehensive and include artifacts that span several centuries, showcasing the area’s agricultural, industrial, and cultural history. These items are not just relics; they are stories encapsulated in physical form, ranging from indigenous artifacts and colonial documents to photographs and items from the industrial era.

Visitors to the museum can enhance their experience by participating in guided tours. These tours are often led by knowledgeable locals or historians who bring the past to life with intriguing anecdotes and in-depth explanations of the exhibits. The tours are tailored to suit various age groups and interest levels, making them a perfect educational outing for schools or an informative adventure for history enthusiasts.

In addition to tours, the Middletown Historical Society offers a range of educational programs. These programs are designed to engage participants of all ages in the local history through workshops, lectures, and interactive activities. The aim is to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the area’s heritage. Current exhibitions often focus on specific themes or periods in Middletown’s history, such as the impact of the railroad on the town’s development or the stories of notable local figures. These exhibitions are curated to not only educate but also to provoke thought and discussion among visitors.

Nearby, visitors can explore an array of landmarks that highlight Delaware’s colonial past and its role in the formation of modern America. These include preserved old houses, battlefields, and more, each offering a different perspective on the region’s history.

Middletown itself is rich with activities, particularly for those who find themselves in the town over the weekend. The local farmers’ market, charming boutiques, and seasonal festivals provide a delightful backdrop to the historical explorations. These events not only offer insights into the contemporary local culture but also help support the small businesses that keep the town thriving.

Given its central location in Delaware, Middletown serves as an ideal starting point for those wishing to explore the broader history and culture of the region. Its proximity to other notable Delaware cities allows for day trips and extended explorations, making it a perfect spot for history buffs and casual tourists alike.

In conclusion, the Middletown Historical Society is more than just a museum; it is a gateway to the past and a beacon of learning. Its commitment to preservation, education, and community engagement makes it a cornerstone of the Middletown community.

6. Levels Road Dog Park

Levels Road Dog Park, located in the vibrant town of Middletown, Delaware, is a well-loved destination for dog owners and their furry companions. This popular spot is especially designed to cater to the needs of canines of all sizes and breeds, featuring designated areas for both large and small dogs. The park provides a safe and spacious environment where dogs can run, play, and socialize off-leash in a controlled and welcoming setting.

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Levels Road Dog Park

One of the standout features of Levels Road Dog Park is its thoughtful division between large and small dog areas. This separation ensures that dogs can interact with others of similar size and temperament, which enhances safety and enjoyment for both pets and their owners. Each area is equipped with durable, dog-friendly equipment and plenty of open space for fetching, running, and playing.

In addition to the basic play areas, Levels Road Dog Park boasts a range of amenities that enhance the experience for both dogs and their owners. Among these are water stations strategically placed throughout the park to keep dogs hydrated after their playful antics. Especially during warmer months, these water stations are invaluable for preventing dehydration and ensuring that all dogs can stay cool and comfortable while enjoying their time at the park.

Another appealing aspect of this park is the inclusion of agility equipment. This setup not only provides physical exercise for the dogs but also offers mental stimulation and helps in improving their agility and obedience skills. The equipment varies from hurdles to weave poles and is suitable for dogs at different levels of agility proficiency, making it a perfect spot for basic training or just letting your dog try something new and exciting.

For dog owners looking for more adventurous and extended outings, the area surrounding Levels Road Dog Park offers several pet-friendly walking trails. These trails are ideal for enjoying the natural beauty of Middletown while giving your pet a different environment to explore. The trails range from easy to moderate in difficulty, providing options for all levels of walkers and canines. Not only do these trails offer great physical exercise, but they also give dogs and owners a chance to bond over shared outdoor adventures.

Beyond the immediate vicinity of the dog park, Middletown itself offers a variety of activities and attractions that are worth exploring. For instance, historic downtown Middletown is a delightful place to stroll with your leashed pet, featuring charming shops and eateries where dogs are welcome in outdoor seating areas. The town also hosts occasional events and festivals that are pet-friendly, providing ample opportunities for socializing and entertainment throughout the year.

This weekend or any time you find yourself in Middletown, DE, consider visiting Levels Road Dog Park. It’s not just a place to let your dog off the leash but a community hub where pet owners can meet and share their experiences and tips about pet care and training.

7. Sully’s Irish Pub at the Witherspoon

Sully’s Irish Pub at the Witherspoon has become a cornerstone of the local community, offering a delightful mix of live music, traditional Irish fare, and an inviting atmosphere that captures the essence of Ireland’s rich pub culture. Located in the heart of the bustling town, this pub stands out not just for its authentic culinary offerings but also for its vibrant social scene, making it a prime destination for both residents and visitors looking for things to do in Middletown, DE.

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Sully’s Irish Pub

From the moment you step into Sully’s Irish Pub, the warm, cozy ambiance welcomes you with open arms. The interior, adorned with vintage Irish decor, dark wood paneling, and soft lighting, creates an ideal setting for a relaxed evening. The pub prides itself on a menu that boasts traditional Irish dishes such as Shepherd’s Pie, Beef and Guinness Stew, and the ever-popular Fish and Chips. Each dish is prepared with a dedication to authenticity and flavor, promising a culinary journey to the heart of Ireland.

Live music is a staple at Sully’s, with performances scheduled throughout the week. The best times to catch these live shows are Friday and Saturday nights when the pub comes alive with the sounds of local bands and solo artists. The music, ranging from traditional Irish tunes to contemporary hits, complements the lively atmosphere and enhances the overall dining experience. It’s advisable to arrive early on these nights, as the place tends to fill up quickly with music enthusiasts and diners alike.

In addition to the regular music nights, Sully’s Irish Pub also hosts special event nights that cater to a variety of interests. Trivia nights, held every Wednesday, see teams battling out over rounds of questions on various topics, from history and science to pop culture and sports. These evenings are perfect for those who enjoy a mental challenge along with their pint of ale. Similarly, karaoke nights offer guests a chance to shine on stage and belt out their favorite songs, creating a fun and engaging environment.

Community involvement is another aspect that Sully’s Irish Pub takes seriously. The pub actively participates in local charity events and fundraisers, strengthening its ties with the community of Middletown, DE. This engagement not only helps in giving back to the community but also builds a sense of belonging among the patrons who take pride in supporting these initiatives.

For visitors planning a trip to Middletown, DE, this weekend, or anytime soon, adding Sully’s Irish Pub to the itinerary is highly recommended. Its central location makes it easily accessible and a perfect spot to unwind after a day of exploring the local attractions. As one of the key highlights in the area, Sully’s Irish Pub exemplifies the charm and spirit of Middletown’s vibrant community. It serves not only as a place to eat and drink but as a gathering spot where memories are made, friendships are formed, and good times are guaranteed. 

8. St. Georges Country Store

St. Georges Country Store is a charming destination that captures the essence of both culinary delight and musical heritage, particularly known for its jazz and blues performances. Located near Middletown, Delaware, this venue is not just a restaurant but a cultural hub where locals and visitors alike come to immerse themselves in an authentic atmosphere of good food and great music. Its rustic decor, reminiscent of a traditional country store, adds to the overall experience, making it a must-visit for those exploring the area or looking for a memorable evening.

The establishment is renowned for its eclectic mix of live music performances, with a strong emphasis on jazz and blues. These genres resonate through the walls of the Country Store, paying homage to America’s rich musical roots. The venue regularly hosts talented local and regional musicians, providing them with a platform to showcase their talents. For anyone interested in catching a live performance, it’s advisable to check the venue’s schedule as it frequently updates with new acts and special events. Upcoming performances are eagerly anticipated by the community and are often highlighted as the perfect way to spend an evening.

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St. Georges Country Store

When it comes to dining, St. Georges Country Store offers a menu that complements its musical offerings. The food here is a blend of traditional American comfort food with a few innovative twists that surprise and delight. From hearty sandwiches and burgers to more sophisticated entrees, the kitchen uses fresh, local ingredients to craft dishes that are both delicious and satisfying. The venue is particularly famous for its barbecue and seafood specials, which pair wonderfully with the live music performances. Choosing the best night to visit can depend on what you’re looking for. Weekends are typically the most vibrant, as the venue hosts its most notable music acts then. However, for those who prefer a quieter dining experience, weekday evenings might be preferable. No matter the day, the warm and welcoming staff at St. Georges Country Store make every visit special.

The venue also holds a significant place in the local music scene of Middletown and the surrounding Delaware area. Its establishment has been instrumental in nurturing the local culture, providing a space where music lovers can come together. The history of St. Georges Country Store is steeped in a passion for community and music. Originally a simple country store, it has evolved over the years into the bustling venue it is today, all the while maintaining its original charm and commitment to celebrating the arts.

The venue is just one of the many attractions that make the region a great place for both relaxation and adventure. The town of Middletown itself offers a variety of other activities ranging from exploring local history at museums and galleries to enjoying the outdoors at nearby parks and trails. The area is also home to several other dining options, each with their own unique flavors and atmospheres.

As the weekend approaches, consider taking a trip to Middletown, DE, and make sure to include a stop at St. Georges Country Store. Whether it’s the allure of live jazz and blues, the taste of expertly prepared meals, or simply the inviting atmosphere, the venue promises an unforgettable experience. It’s a place where past and present come together, where every visit is more than just a meal or a show—it’s a celebration of community and culture.


Middletown, Delaware, a charming town located in the heart of the state, offers a delightful mix of attractions and activities that cater to various interests and ages. As you plan your visit, whether for a leisurely day trip or an extended stay, you’ll find that Middletown’s blend of history, culture, and outdoor fun makes it a compelling destination.

This iconic venue, which has been a pillar of the community since 1922, not only offers a glimpse into the artistic heritage of the area but also hosts a variety of performances ranging from plays to concerts and movies. The theatre’s rich history and ongoing community involvement make it a poignant symbol of Middletown’s vibrant cultural scene.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to do in Middletown as well. Silver Lake Park is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The park offers ample opportunities for picnicking, fishing, and walking along scenic trails. For families, the playgrounds and open spaces provide a perfect setting for a day of fun and relaxation. Additionally, the proximity of such natural spaces encourages visitors to explore the surrounding areas where hiking, bird watching, and tranquil strolls can be thoroughly enjoyed.

Shopping and dining in Middletown also offer a delightful experience. The town boasts a variety of local shops that cater to unique tastes and preferences. From quaint boutiques offering custom crafts to larger retailers, the shopping experience in Middletown is both diverse and fulfilling. After a day of shopping, visitors can enjoy a meal at one of the local eateries, which range from casual cafes to upscale dining options. The culinary scene in Middletown is notably influenced by local produce, showcasing the best of what the region has to offer.

Middletown is also an excellent place for those looking to explore local vineyards and breweries. These venues not only offer tastings and tours but also provide a glimpse into the production processes of wine and craft beer. Such visits not only cater to the palate with exquisite flavors but also offer educational insights into the meticulous craft of beverage production.

From seasonal festivals to farmer’s markets, these events are a fantastic way to engage with locals and experience the town’s lively atmosphere firsthand.

As you consider a visit to Middletown, it is advisable to plan your itinerary to include both well-known attractions and lesser-known gems. Discovering local favorites such as a hidden bistro or a charming bookstore can add a layer of personal discovery and enjoyment to your visit. Additionally, with its close-knit community vibe, Middletown offers a welcoming atmosphere that makes exploring these spots a rewarding experience.

With so much to see and do, every visitor to Middletown can create a memorable journey that combines the comfort of traditional activities with the thrill of new discoveries. 

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